Chainlink Adapter ‘Link My Ride’ Allows Control of Tesla Cars
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Chainlink Adapter ‘Link My Ride’ Allows Control of Tesla Cars

October 17, 2020      Varinder Singh

The Chainlink external adapter ‘Link My Ride’ allows interaction with Tesla Inc. Servers. These servers allow communication with Tesla Vehicles and other Tesla products such as Powerwalls.

Tesla API Functionalities Adhere to the Link My Ride

Blockchain/DLT architect Harry Papacharissiou developed the adapter during the 2020 Chainlink Virtual Hackathon. The external adapter is part of a developer community for the Tesla API specification.

The API supports – Vehicle authentication, Vehicle Unlock/Lock, Vehicle Horn, and Vehicle obtain odometer, charge level, and location data.

Decentralization Across the Chainlink Network

In-built core adapters allow specific functions with the API in the Tesla vehicles and products. External adapters allow the addition of additional and customized specifications. Moreover, there is no need to run a particular Chainlink node in the network as external adapters can be hosted by other nodes and help ensure decentralization across the network.

Previously, an integrated smart contract required plugins in a specific hardware device to obtain real-life data. But a Chainlink Oracle has scaled-up the process. 

Team Behind the Development of the Award-Winning External Adapter

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Papacharissiou further signifies the addition of more than 20 API endpoints to the adapter. He showed the possible applications of Link My Ride in the decentralized car renting market.

Harry Papacharissiou won the grand prize of USD 8000 for the Link My Ride external adapter together with co-developers Matt Durkin and Durken Bliths.

He said:

“In traditional vehicle rental platforms, the vehicle renter relies on the brand power of the company renting the vehicles and trusts that the bond they submit will be returned if they adhered to the conditions. And as a vehicle owner or provider, going through a trusted centralized platform usually requires sacrificing approximately 30% of the revenue earned.”

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