Crypto Gaming Can Revolutionize Mobile Gaming Industry

Olowo by Olowo - 06:32 AM Aug 22, 2019

Mobile gaming is more alive than ever. With more than 2.1 billion mobile users around the world and generating more than $100 billion in profits, mobile gaming is one of the important sector within the gaming industry.

Apple and Google are the two major players in this market receiving close of 98% of the total mobile gaming applications worldwide.

This is due to the popularity of the iOS and Android operating system as the major choice for mobile device manufacturers.furthermore, both app stores are fully optimized to promote application uploaded on their platform.

Apple And Google Are The Two Dominant Players In The Mobile Gaming Industry

However, there is a significant problem that mobile game developers face which is the lack of options to fully optimize their earning potentials.  Google and Apple charge up to 30% of of all income generated by the games published in their stores.

Developers also have to make do with the regulations and sanctions that must be followed before publishing games. Apple store is normally more restrictive than Google play store which provides greater freedom for developers.

Nevertheless, there is an emerging sector that could decentralize this duopoly held by Google and Apple  which is Crypto Gaming.

Crypto Gaming Can Help Game Developers Maximize Earning Potentials

Crypto gaming at the moment has a growing number of crypto enthusiasts which if applied on a wider scale could revolutionize the mobile gaming industry.

Developers would be able to publish games directly to the end-users within a decentralized platform in different operating system formats. This could work with the Android Operating System as it allows users to download applications directly from the web via its .apk files.

Epic Games has followed this pattern as the android version of the popular game Fortnite can only be downloaded on the company’s website which could be a useful strategy for crypto games.

The decentrlised platform can be created using blockchain technology where games will be published and developers paid in cryptocurrencies. This way the platform will be serving as an exchange and developers will be able to receive close to full value for their sales.

This would trump the current arrangements where publishers have to share 30% of profits obtained from the mobile game sales to big tech companies.

There have been several platforms that have been launched in the past year which have looked to achieve this milestone. The Crypto Gaming sector is still new and has the potentials to develop into one of the biggest sectors within the crypto space.


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