Digitex Exchange Faces The Security Breach From Digileaker
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Digitex Exchange Faces The Security Breach From Digileaker

February 29, 2020      Tarulika Jain

Digitex, cryptocurrency derivatives exchange suffered a security breach from an ex-employee of the Exchange. The former employee leaked the stolen documents like passport and driving license scans related to Know Your Customers (KYC) documentation on Telegram of more than 8,000 Digitex users.

Digileaker Claimed To Stole Scanned Documents

Digitex Futures hinted that the company was aware of the leak of confidential data. The Seychelles based exchange confirmed that the breach was not an external hack but the internal security breach planned by an ex-employee. It assures that the company will release the complete information on the incident as soon as possible.

“Digileaker” claimed on Telegram that he possesses the complete KYC documentation of every user who is using the Digitex Treasury form its inception date till today. CryptoVigilante, the cryptocurrency scam hunter clarified that Digileaker used the login information obtained when Digitex registered with its provider Substance and Sum.

The recent breach has escalated the breakdown of confidence of Digitex users. Earlier in February, the Exchange informed about the hijacking of Facebook account and publicly disclosing email addresses of users. It regretted ton clarify that the breach was an “internal issue” which took place by scheming and highly manipulative ex-employee.

February Suffered From Crypto Attacks

The data breach of Digitex takes place amid an increasing number of malicious attacks hitting cryptocurrency exchanges. Recently, the major cryptocurrency exchanges OKEx and Bitfinex faced the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. OKEx was unaffected, but Bitfinex quickly went into maintenance mode for the recovery of the network.

Also, Singapore based crypto exchange Coinhako was targeted by sophisticated attackers, but the funds were fully reimbursed according to the latest announcement of Exchange.

Thus, the month of February witnessed the attacks on various major exchanges and shaken the confidence of the investors. To regain the trust of the crypto enthusiasts, the developer team of Exchange must aim for the more secured network.

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