JLR Initiates Program To Offer Cryptocurrency To Drivers

Jyoti  |  Feb 7, 2020

The JLR’s (Jaguar Land Rover) software team in Shannon, at present, is working on developing a smart wallet. The drivers who would be using the smart wallets, have to share all the information about the road for making it more safer and environment-friendly. This information sharing would be helpful for the drivers also, as it would allow them to earn cryptocurrency credits.

Smart Wallet Uses

While explaining the use of the wallet, Aaron Hetherington, a software developer on the distributed ledger technology team, stated that the wallet would help the JLR’s team to track vehicles. He mentioned that if the vehicle gets hit anywhere then their team would send repair details to the local councils in the UK and Ireland. Hetherington added, “Using cryptocurrency like Iota, we’re able to pass this reward directly onto our customers.”

According to the reports, the transfer credits in driver’s account would aid to automatically pay tolls, parking and electric charging.

Aaron Hetherington’s JLR Experience

Hetherington, while talking about his daily work stated that his team divides the work cycle into two-week sprints. He further said that he created some documentation and even designed documents to code reviews to encoding.

Hetherington also mentioned that if a person wanted to work in JLR Shannon then that person must know a bit of cryptography and should have an ability to break down larger problems into smaller problems. Hetherington added that in JLR Shannon, he has worked with many people from different backgrounds, he has learned a lot from them. 

Recently, many established automobile brands have been looking to leverage blockchain technology to ensure driver safety and sustainability. Mercedes and Volvo, both the car manufacturers are using blockchain to track the quality of the Cobalt used in their car batteries. The use of DLT would ensure that the supply of raw products can be tracked right from its origin to ensure quality and public safety.

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