New Zealand Police Confiscates $91 Million From BTC e-Exchange Owner

Jyoti  |  Jun 23, 2020

New Zealand Police has seized NZ$140 million from Alexander Vinnik, an operator at a Russian bitcoin exchange.

Reportedly, the seized funds were registered in the bank in the name of Canton Business Corporation, a company that operated the collapsed BTC-e exchange whose owner is Vinnik.

First Time In History New Zealand Police Confiscated Huge Fund

According to the New Zealand Police, for the very first the police force has confiscated this much fund. The US prosecutors have claimed that Vinnik has illegally obtained billions of dollars through the platform for the criminal organizations. But when Vinnik was confronted he denied it.

In 2017, Vinnik went on a vacation with his family in Greece, but soon he got arrested there by the police because the US has released an extradition order for him. Later, he was deported to France jail.

On June 22, after seizing the funds from Canton Business Corporation’s bank account, the New Zealand Police Commissioner Andrew Carter said that the fund which has been seized by the New Zealand Police shows how much profit the company has earned by victimizing hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

BTC e-Exchange Running Without Complying With AML Policies

He further claimed that Vinnik has been operating his exchange without complying it with the anti-money laundering controls and policies and that helped the criminals to obtain funds illegally via bourse.

Additionally, Carter stated that this has been a very serious matter for the New Zealand Police, therefore, they decided to work along with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on it.

A report states that the France Police has lodged a number of aggravated money laundering, extortion, conspiracy and data manipulation charges against Vinnik.

It has been notified that as soon as his case would end in France, the government might send him back to Greece, and after that, he would be sent to the US and Russia too.

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