Paris Hilton’s NFT Collection Sells for Over $1.1 Million
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Paris Hilton’s NFT Collection Sells for Over $1.1 Million

April 19, 2021      Jafrin Ahmed

American media personality, Paris Hilton is the latest to join the non-fungible token (NFT) movement by launching her very own collection. Collaborating with designer, Blake Kathryn, Hilton’s collection includes three unique pieces.

Paris Hilton Launches Three NFTs

Socialite Paris Hilton has set up a collection of three NFT pieces. The two pieces dubbed “Hummingbird in my metaverse” and “Legend of love” were up for 11 editions. Each piece was sold out for $10,000 each, bringing a total of $220,000.

However, the third one “Iconic Crypto Queen” offers only one edition that was sold for over $1.11 million.

Hilton’s foray into the world of NFT space isn’t a recent one. Last year, Hilton auctioned her first non-fungible token titled “Cryptograph of Munchkin” stating the auction was done to benefit three different Charity organizations.

Earlier this month, Paris Hilton revealed her understanding of non-fungible tokens in a blog post and the potential applications of the technology in an extensive blog post.

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In a blog post titled “I’m Excited About NFTs—You Should Be Too,” Hilton demonstrates an informed understanding of the NFT industry.

On her Nifty Gateway NFT bio, Hilton describes herself as:

“an icon in every endeavor she’s pursued, from the original influencer to a wildly successful DJ and innovative businesswoman.”

Celebrities, Influencers Joins the NFT Bandwagon

Non-fungible tokens have allowed artists to sell their digital work for thousands and even millions of dollars. The NFT market now currently sits at more than $1 billion. As the craze for crypto art continues, celebrities, billionaires, and influencers are getting in on the NFT bandwagon.

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NFL player Rob Gronkowski, rapper Ja Rule, Lindsay Lohan, The Weeknd among others have jumped on board.

Billionaire and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban sold an NFT of a motivational quote, that read, “Nobody ever changed the world by doing what everyone else was doing – Mark Cuban.”

Meanwhile, pop sensation, Shawn Mendes made virtual versions of his guitar and gold ring and sold them as NFTs.

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Jafrin Ahmed
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