Ripple’s Xpring launches new one-stop developer platform to boost XRP payments
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Ripple’s Xpring launches new one-stop developer platform to boost XRP payments

December 11, 2019      Debarati Ghosh

Ripple’s investment subsidiary Xpring announced the launch of its new one-stop developer platform. It is designed as a one-stop-shop for developers for integrating blockchain payments. The California based blockchain company also announced several updates and additions to the Xpring, XRP Ledger, Interledger, etc.

The new announced platform is an update from the previous Xpring software development kit (SDK). Xpring acted as Ripple’s investment verticle for more than a year now. Xpring claims that the platform’s SDK takes 100 lines of code and comprises to 21 lines. This is mainly aimed at investing in and growing a developer base around the cryptocurrency.

Ethan Beard, Senior Vice President of Xpring said the new platform was announced in October. But the company took two months to build the features which will allow the users to have an account associated with the platform. He added, “That will be the central hub for developers to manage everything they need when it comes to integrating payments into their apps.”

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Along with these, there is also a new wallet which will simplify the transaction process. The wallet is currently available on XRP Testnet. With this wallet the developers will be able to generate and manage account credentials, view balances send and receive cryptocurrency and monitor transaction history. Ethan Beard stated, “Before it was quite complicated. It was done through command line or piecing together a variety of different tools, there’s a reason why people keep a lot of their cryptocurrency inside hosted wallets on exchanges because all of that is obfuscated.”

Xpring on a surge

Now Xpring seems to continue to be powerful. Previously it was a strategic investor to Two Labs AB – which is a Swedish startup developing technology for cryptocurrency self-custody. Xpring also invested the equivalent at the time of $264 million in Ripple XRP cryptocurrency into Coil Technologies Inc.

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Upgrades & Additions & Changes

On 2nd December, Xpring introduced the 1.4.0 version of the XRP Ledger with some significant upgrades. The most important one is the addition of Deletable Accounts. As the name suggests, it will allow users to delete their accounts while retaining 15 XRP of their base reserve (the minimum amount of XRP that required for an address currently stands at 20 XRP).

The Xpring SDK will now support reliable transaction submission which will help the developers to submit and verify the transactions on XRP Ledger. At this point, more than half of all Blockchain transactions happened on the XRP Ledger.

The kit now also supports Python and Go in its suite of programming languages which previously included Java, Javascript, and Swift.

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There has been a lot of changes to Ripple in the last quarter including updates, partnerships, etc. Ripple also removed xRapid, xVia and xCurrent from the site, for customers to now connect to RippleNet instead of buying current or xVia.

It’s also collecting some major support from the Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings. Its cryptocurrency ventures made huge profits, played down the potential of Bitcoin and Altcoin while praising XRP. Also, the CEO revealed a few days back that the bank is thinking of issuing XRP as company-wide shareholder rewards.

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Debarati Ghosh
Debarati Ghosh

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