RMIT University To Introduce Post Graduate Program For Cybersecurity And Blockchain

Jyoti Singh by Jyoti Singh - 03:37 AM May 27, 2020
RMIT University To Introduce Post Graduate Program For Cybersecurity And Blockchain

The Australian public research university, RMIT, would offer two new programs in cybersecurity and blockchain technology, to its postgraduate students.

For the two new postgraduate programs, RMIT University has collaborated with the IBM, Palo Alto Networks and Stone & Chalk, according to an announcement on May 26.

Nine-Months Programs By RMIT University

The cyber-security and the blockchain-enabled business programs would get started in October 2020 and will continue for nine months.

In recent time, there has been a high demand for professionals who could work in cybersecurity and blockchain industries and to fulfil those demands, RMIT has introduced two new programs.

It has been notified in the announcement that in the coming six years, the professional demand in Australia would reach 18,000 because by then the Australian cybersecurity industry would triple to approx 6 million Australian dollars.

In the future, the demand for blockchain professionals would also get increased by 80 percent. But presently, there is very less number of professionals in both fields.

Currently, out 20 managers only one could find professional in blockchain or cybersecurity field.

RMIT Will Provide Workforce

The CEO of RMIT Online, Helen Souness, recently shared her growing concern regarding the skill gap and these sectors and said, “The unpredictable nature of our current environment requires us to strengthen and accelerate our understanding of the digital landscape”.

She further mentioned that in today’s time, the blockchain and cybersecurity technologies have turned up as business-critical skills. The training delivered by RMIT University would provide the workforce to those skills.

The head of the blockchain for IBM Australia and New Zealand, Rupert Colchester, said that the blockchain program graduates would be very helpful for the company as they would assist the company in operation blockchain technologies.

Colchester further mentioned that the supply chains developed by the graduates would be more transparent which could be used by various industries.

The new postgraduate courses would help the students to come out as a leader who could inform people about blockchain and drive its adoption.

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