Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet’s New Update: Cryptocurrency App Supports iOS & Android

Wayne Jones by Wayne Jones - 06:47 PM Sep 11, 2019

App Informers reports that Casa Bitcoin Technology Firm that owns the Cryptocurrency App, Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet App, has issued an update that supports iOS and Android.

The new updated version of the Cryptocurrency app is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms; Google Play and Apple store. Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet App has now joined other companies in the mobile phone industry that seek to support Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

Sats Mobile Bitcoin Wallet App update features

Casa confirmed that with the new update, users would be able to use the Cryptocurrency app without needing Bitcoin Lighting Node hardware. Users need only connect the app to the Lighting Node to access the Lightning Network capabilities.

Users can send Bitcoin using Sats Tag public address-naming system and in turn, get a new address that comes from the receiver’s public address key. The address will then be given to the sender, who can otherwise decide to choose to scan a QR code.

The new updated wallet is non-custodial. This means that the user gets complete control of the private key that will be securely stored in their mobile phones. A non-custodial wallet is a very efficient way of storing a private key, and Casa’s goal is to revolutionize its wallet from other Bitcoin wallets in the market.

Understanding Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps

Millions of people today are using Cryptocurrency wallets, but an alarming number of them do not have a basic understanding of what crypto wallets are. Well, a Cryptocurrency wallet is a software program, which stores both private and public keys, to allow users to send, receive, and monitor their digital currency balance. Any user who wants to trade using Cryptocurrency must have a crypto wallet.

There are five types of digital wallets: desktop, online, mobile, hardware, and paper wallets. These wallets’ security degree vary. 

Mobile Cryptocurrency wallets run on mobile phone apps and have more diversified uses. The limited space on mobile phones dictates that mobile crypto wallets should be simple, light, but efficient. 

Future of Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps

Currently, the growth of mobile Cryptocurrency applications has been termed as redundant. There is a shared lack of interest from developers and users. For instance, even with a rising Bitcoin rise surge, Cryptocurrency mobile app downloads are still low.

Despite this, several major companies in mobile hardware and software developments are coming up with cutting-edge developments to support mobile Cryptocurrency wallets:

  • This year, Samsung launched the Samsung Key Store that comes with galaxy S10 blockchain phone, which supports Dapps, Etherium, and Ethereum tokens and Bitcoin functionality

  •  Apple also launched Apple CryptoKit App that uses public-key cryptography to perform key exchange, create, and digital exchange signatures. This launch is speculated to be a pre-move for Apple to launch a blockchain mobile phone.

  • Huobi Global launched Acute Angle blockchain phone in September 2019, developed by Huobi’s Whole Network. Acute Angle has inbuilt crypto-ready features like dAPP wallet, push trade notifications, optional cold-wallet plugin, and NODE native token.

  • Sirin Labs also developed Finney blockchain smartphone that has built-in storage wallet, unique safe screen for secure crypto transactions, center, and Token conversion service.

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