Serum (SRM), BadgerDAO (BADGER), and Polkastarter (POLS) Technical Analysis: Bulls Ahead
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Serum (SRM), BadgerDAO (BADGER), and Polkastarter (POLS) Technical Analysis: Bulls Ahead

April 13, 2021      Dalmas Ngetich

Serum (SRM), BadgerDAO (BADGER), and Polkastarter (POLS) prices are firm and bullish. However, POLS/USDT and SRM/USD are retracing from their highs of $7.5 and $8.5, respectively. Meanwhile, BADGER/USDT could race back to Feb 2021 highs of $60.

Serum (SRM)

Trustless swapping is here to stay, and Serum exemplifies this shift. SRM is the native token on the Solana-based DEX.

Past Performance of SRM

From Serum technical analysis, the SRM/USDT prices are wavy within a bull trend.

The Serum price is ranging within a narrow $6.82 and $7.60 zone on the last day. At the same time, trading volumes are down 49 percent to $182 million.

Days-Ahead and What to Expect: Serum

The SRM price is changing hands at $6.91, down eight percent versus the USD, BTC, and ETH on the last day of trading. However, bulls are in control week-to-date, adding roughly 10 percent across the board.

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SRM/USDT prices remain in range inside Apr 11 bull bar at near all-time highs.

Trading volumes are comparatively high, suggesting participation.

Bollinger Bands are diverging, pointing to increasing momentum and volatility.

SRM/USDT Price Analysis

Serum Daily Price Chart for Apr 13

SRM/USDT prices remain in range mode.

Although bullish, prices are contracting from all-time highs of around $8.5.

Support is at $6.5, and the middle BB.

Losses below this zone may see SRM/USDT prices slump to $4—the 50 percent Fibonacci retracement level of the Q1 2021 trade range.

If buyers take over, reversing from spot levels above $8.5, SRM prices would easily reach $13—the 1.618 Fibonacci extension level, as Serum technical analysis shows.


Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi and Ethereum is novel, even going back to the roots. BadgerDAO aims to do precisely that with BADGER priming its ecosystem.

Past Performance

The BADGER price is quite heavy from a top-down approach, but bulls are confident. In this case, from BADGER technical analysis, the coin could print higher, recover losses posted since launch.

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BADGER prices are trading within a narrow $4 zone with caps at $40 and $44 on the last trading day. Its liquidity is decent as trading volumes rose to over $2.1 billion on the previous day.

Days-Ahead and What to Expect for BadgerDAO

As of writing, the BADGER price is trading at $44.81, adding seven percent against the USD and a ballpark five percent versus BTC and ETH.

BADGER/USDT prices are ranging but bullish inside Apr 1 bull bar. From an Effort-versus-Results analysis, buyers are in control.

The middle BB is pointing up, pointing to a possible accumulation.

BADGER/USDT Price Forecast

BadgerDAO Daily Price Chart for Apr 13

BADGER is under pressure, trading below its launch price.

However, BADGER fundamentals are solid.

BADGER/USDT prices are inside the Apr 1 bull bar, favorable for bulls from a volume analysis point of view.

Traders can load the dips with targets at $50 and later $60.

Dips below $35 will slow down bulls.

Polkastarter (POLS)

Polkastarter is where projects can raise funds using Polkadot’s rails in a decentralized manner. POLS is its governance token.

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Past Performance

POLS/USDT is confined in a narrow range.

As of writing on Apr 13, the POLS price is within a $0.35 zone with an intraday resistance and support levels at $4.36 and $4.01.

POLS trading volumes are down 15 percent to $24.9 million on the last day.

Days-Ahead and What to Expect

Inside a bull flag, POLS is trading at around $4, slipping roughly seven percent versus the USD, BTC, and ETH on the last day.

However, in the third section of a bull flag, a breakout is imminent.

Overly, volumes have significantly fallen in the last week or so. Therefore, a close above $3 or $5 ought to be with relatively high trading volumes.

POLS/USDT Price Prediction

Polkastarter Daily Price Chart for Apr 13

In a buy trend, POLS/USDT prices find themselves in consolidation amid bullish Polkastarter technical analysis.

Trend definition is critical. Accordingly, a close above $5 in Q1 2021 trend continuation pattern may see POLS bulls flow back, pushing prices towards Feb highs of around $7.5.

On the flip side, sharp losses below $3 may trigger a dump down towards Jan 2021 highs of around $2.

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