Listing of Coinbase Isn’t the Biggest Crypto Event- Erik Voorhees
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Listing of Coinbase Isn’t the Biggest Crypto Event- Erik Voorhees

April 13, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

The CEO of a pioneer in the crypto industry, SpaceShift, Erik Voorhees has recently suggested that the listing of Coinbase is not the biggest crypto event. Instead, he said that the biggest event in the crypto industry this week is the launch of Thorchain.

Erik Voorhees of SpaceShift Says Coinbase Going Public Isn’t The Biggest Event

Well, considering the hype behind the major crypto exchange platform going public this week, this was a pretty big claim. Coinbase, the crypto exchange with a valuation of $140 billion is going to be listed on NASDAQ on Wednesday in accordance with the FTX derivatives Exchange.

As revealed recently, the launch of Thorchain is scheduled to happen on April 13, Tuesday, and its launch will be marking the first time that the native crypto-assets can be traded on a DEX across distinct blockchains without wrapping tokens.

Erik declared in a tweet shared on April 12 that the introduction of a native cross-chain DEX will walk new ground for crypto. 

Addressing the absence of bridges and wrapping on Thorchain, Voorhees said:

“Thorchain has no bridges. It has no wrapping. It is native assets, swapped across chains in a decentralized way, for the first time ever.”

A launch party has already been announced on Tuesday at 18:00 EST on the social platform Clubhouse and as reported, the event will be attended by some of the significant names in the industry. 

The list includes names like Tushar Jain, Voorhees, Yan Liberman, and several others. 

Hosting of Pairings For BTC, ETH, Lite, BCH, And BNB

In the beginning, the pairings for BTC, ETH, Lite, BCH, and BNB will be hosted by DEX with intentions to assist other crypto assets in the future.

The functionality of Thorchain can be understood as similar to that of Uniswap, but with the essential dissimilarity that it allows the trading and exchanging of crypto assets from completely separate networks and blockchain.

Talking particularly about the DeFi sector, a significant increase in the demand for off-chain solutions has been witnessed.

In addition to this, it should be noted that Thorchain is developing a native wallet called Asgard X which will be created to interact directly with the chaosnet. 

This will be allowing the tokens of distinct blockchains to be held by a single wallet.

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Sahaj Sharma
Sahaj Sharma

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