Strong Reasons to Buy Bitcoins
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Strong Reasons to Buy Bitcoins

July 16, 2020      Cryptoknowmics

Bitcoin is changing the world at a brisk pace. There are thousands of reasons that can be given by the bitcoin lover of how the cryptocurrency would be the future money. Bitcoin is accepted by many businesses today, as the processing fee is less, and you can make the transactions at a brisk pace. With the evolution of bitcoins, it becomes easier to transform the economic power from banks to people.

Here are a few strong reasons why you must buy bitcoins

A new asset

The traditional area of investments would be stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate. However, this was the case earlier, but today cryptocurrency is added to the assets list’s bandwagon. This new asset class is gaining huge recognition across the globe. Many top companies are showing interest in investing in bitcoins. The investment advisors are suggesting people invest in it to earn a whopping amount later.

Does not depend on other markets

Despite the stocks in which you have investment, have dropped to the low point, but bitcoins would remain intact. Though, it sounds to be a blanket statement and is also not so accurate. The creation of bitcoin has resulted in the stock market crash, burst the bubble of real estate, and has disrupted the conventional banking system. You can buy bitcoins with through Bitcoin boom App.

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Not prone to inflation

There is a devaluation of the traditional currency. It stood as a significant problem globally. There is an inflation rate of over 3% in the European nations. In the United States, the inflation rate has spiked to 2%. You cannot issue more than the bitcoins that are available in the market now. There is no chance for the bitcoins to have an impact due to inflation. The most interesting part is that the bitcoin mining reward is made to halve every four years, reducing inflation over a period. If the bitcoin halved in May, the inflation rate would drop to 1.8%. Bitcoins are higher more reliable when compared to the fiat currency, especially the US currency.

Retain its value

Bitcoin is also termed as digital gold by many people. There is a good reason for comparing bitcoin to digital gold. A government or a financial institution does not control this currency. It is tough to mine, and only a limited number of bitcoins are available in the market. The value of the coins would keep on increasing with the increase in demand for them. The best thing is that it is not prone to any kind of inflation like the fiat currency. Bitcoins are digital. You can easily transport the bitcoins in small amounts and also store the bitcoins in the bitcoin wallet.

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No one can confiscate bitcoins

There are many countries where the banks and financial institutions would freeze the traditional currency without giving any kind of warning. This is different in the case of cryptocurrency. No government or bank controls the bitcoin transactions. You can only access the money when there is an authorized bitcoin key available with you. There is no intervention of the government in managing the bitcoins.

Growth of infrastructure

Earlier, bitcoin was only used by the economic anarchists. The blockchain technology offers many benefits. Today, even a common man is showing interest in investing in the bitcoins. Many companies are also integrating their solutions with bitcoins, even large banks. Many experiments are carried out using blockchain.

No ban

No entity will control the transactions carried out using bitcoins, so it is not possible to restrain. The network manages the transactions, and there is no government or entity involved. There are no government bans, regulations, or restrictions like the fiat currency; they would perform the way they want. It is a new kind of financial system that gives economic freedom to the people. There is no involvement of any government or bank.

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Improve its value

The fluctuation of bitcoin value would make people think that the bitcoin is too volatile. Due to its volatility, the price of the bitcoin has increased and dropped from time to time. Since 2018, the graph of bitcoin is high, i.e., in the upward trajectory.

High demand for bitcoins

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency that has a huge demand in the market. There are only 21 million bitcoins available.  Of which, 17 million coins are already mined. The left is 4 million. It is best to invest in bitcoins. With the increase in demand, the value also increases.

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