Ukrainian Government Planning to Build Crypto Data Center in Nuclear Power Plant
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Ukrainian Government Planning to Build Crypto Data Center in Nuclear Power Plant

January 30, 2021      Vandana Malik

The Ukrainian government has recently announced that they will be building a huge data center in the Rivne nuclear power plant, in an official release. This has been revealed after the construction firm received $317,620 million in funding. It is revealed that Kyiv Energy Construction Company is expecting to finish building a crypto mining data center by the end of August 2022. 

Ukrainian Government Requires Proper Documentation of the Process

The Ukrainian government has mentioned in the announcement that contractors need to send the details about the whole process. The details will include host state registers, computing facilities, and electronic archives. 

The Rivne nuclear power plant has a capacity of 2,657 Megawatts and was built way back in the 1970s. Back in October 2020, Energoatom signed with a subsidiary of Bitfury. It is believed that after the construction of the new data center, Bitfury miners will be able to move their operations into facilities of the power plant. 

Illegal Crypto Mining Equipment Found in Nuclear Power Plant

A partnership has been formed between Energoatom and Kyiv Energy Construction Company to construct the data center. However, this cannot be seen as a surprising move as Energoatom is already accustomed to the nuclear power plants in the country. Back in 2020, the Ukrainian government has asked the firm to research the nuclear plants that will help them to assess the crypto mining feasibility.

In 2019, the Security Service of the country also found some illegal crypto mining equipment in the nuclear plant. According to the reports, the Security Services found illegal mining rigs in the Southern region of Ukraine. It was also revealed in an investigation that this illegal equipment has breached a state secret. Now building such a huge crypto mining data center in the nuclear power plant is a huge development in itself.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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