Vinergy Amends Investments Policy to Include Bitcoin and Blockchain
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Vinergy Amends Investments Policy to Include Bitcoin and Blockchain

February 22, 2021      Jafrin Ahmed

Vinergy Cannabis Capital has announced on amending its current investment policy for the inclusion and growth opportunities in Bitcoin, digital currencies and marketplaces, cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain among others. As part of the new initiative, the Company will form a separate advisory board to review and evaluate investment opportunities in the sector.

Bitcoin’s Continual Rally Sparking Interest Among Institutional Investors

The continual rally of Bitcoin and its all-time highs have sparked a renewed interest among institutional investors as an investment options. For instance, over the past few months, Vinergy Investments has received interest and proposals from several Bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain companies seeking investment.

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Vinergy is usually focused on making investments in businesses involved in the aforementioned sectors. However, the actual composition of Vinergy’s investment portfolio might vary depending on its assessment of several factors, including the performance of its investments, developments in existing and potential markets and risk assessment.

Vinergy has already analyzed Bitcoin’s continually rising prices, influx in investment dollars, increased institutional and mainstream adoption as the reason for updating its investment opportunities in the decentralized space. The firm will combine a diversified management team experienced in sourcing quality investment opportunities.

Vinergy Reserves the Right to Amend Its Investment Policy

Vinergy Cannabis Capital Inc. is a Canada-based company engaged in the business of oil and gas acquisition, exploration and development that primarily invests in cannabis companies. The firm takes advantage of special situations and other opportunities and make investments in other sectors as well.

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Meanwhile, the firm has specified that its investment objectives and strategies and restrictions might be amended from time to time based on the recommendation of the investment committee or senior management and approval by the board.

In its announcement, Vinergy further specified its right and authority to change the general or specific focus of the firm’s investments over time including the right to diversify the company’s portfolio of investments by industry, geography, and investment type without prior announcement or notice being given.

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Jafrin Ahmed
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