Engagement That Pays

Ever wondered what it would be like if you could get paid for merely expressing your opinions? At Cryptoknowmics, we give you the opportunity to turn this into a reality. All that you need to do is show us some love and a serious degree of engagement on our platform and flood it with comments.

What’s In it For You?

How does $500 sound? Yeah, you read that right. We pay the top 100 active users on our Cryptoknowmics platform tokens worth $500 every week. This would mean that you will have to like comment and post on our platform and show maximum engagement. The reward will be distributed amongst the users, with the most active users getting the largest share of the awards.

We will determine the extent of your engagement by the kind of comments and posts that you make on our platform. So if you are planning to get away with making a one-word comment or useless one-liners, please don’t bother, you won’t ever make it. Only the most genuine efforts will be considered.

How You Can Claim Your Reward

Claiming your prize would be easier than commenting and posting on our platform. Once you have registered on our platform, you will have your Cryptoknowmics account up and ready. We shall transfer your tokens in this account from where you can withdraw or redeem them.

We ensure the utmost transparency on our platform by displaying the names of all the winners on our platform. The contest would begin from today and continue till Sunday, 27th October. The list of winners would be displayed on Monday, 28th October, and thereafter, it will be updated every week on Mondays until notified otherwise. So brace yourself and get ready to comment and post on our platform and earn big in the process.

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