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At Cryptoknowmics, our main aim is to integrate information from all around the cryptoworld and present it to our readers. The face of the world as we know is changing at a rapid speed. Blockchain technology is taking over the planet and the public has to keep up. We just want to help the people know more about crypto because information of anything is of the utmost importance.

We present news in a simple manner so that the masses can understand it with ease. We try to convey information without complexities and biases. We tell the truth which is free from any partialities. The cryptoworld is dynamic and cryptoknowmics tries its best to help the readers make sense of all the different information presented on the internet.

Guidelines For Submission

We are constantly looking for fresh content and a fresh voice.

  1. The articles/reports should include valid and useful information about topics regarding crypto. We accept all things related to crypto. The more unique and rare the information and the topic is, the better. The article can be local, national or international news.
  2. The submission should include opinions and insights and should not be just a list of facts and figures. Along with your writing style, we will judge your actual understanding ability. Anecdotes and analogies would be appreciated.
  3. Our readers are well versed with the cryptoworld, so every article should have an interesting or unique opening to capture their attention and interest. You should add some source information in your written matter to make it more reliable.
  4. Every submission should be about 600-900 words. If your matter will selected, you would be contacted via email.

Submit your articles to the email address : listing@cryptoknowmics.com

For more info contact us at : info@cryptoknowmics.com

Points To Remember

  1. The submitted content should be appropriate and free from any kind of plagiarism.
  2. The content can be edited including the heading and sub headings. Graphics can also be added.
  3. You must agree to let us use your matter in any way we like and you will be fully responsible for your content.
  4. You must remember that we are not responsible for any content submitted by our readers.
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