Symbol : CRES

Value : 11.52 + Ref

Start : 05th Mar 2019 - End : TBA

Cresio round 2 Airdrop is worth 1152 CRES tokens (~$ 11.52) for the first 5000 participants. 

About Cresio
Cresio was born as a result of the need to include in a single place, the absolute control of your cryptocurrencies. The purpose is to combine in a single platform the possibility of operating simultaneously in multiple exchanges, with the most advanced functionalities for users, regardless of their level of knowledge, such as obtaining information on the state of the markets in real time, control the balance of wallets, monitoring work done in mining pools, announcements and registrations of new Airdrops, all linked to a high level of security, guaranteeing an unprecedented experience.

Step-by-Step Guide Cresio Airdrop

  1. Register for theCresio Airdrop, by creating an account.
  2. Verify your mail & Log in to your account.
  3. Complete your profile information & Submit your Social network information and Ethereum wallet address.
  4. Click on ''Airdrop'' from your dashboard & Perform the different Airdrop tasks.
  5. If any of the tasks are not completed, you will not receive the rewards.


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