Symbol : TNC

Value : 9 + Ref

Start : 07th Mar 2019 - End : 04th Apr 2019

Dare is a platform where people and brands connect to dare, do and share. Dare is designed to become a newer, better Vine. It’s a monetized, gamified, interactive content generation tool that helps people and brands to create engaging content that maximizes their potential reach through their traditional social media channels.


  1. Start chat with DARE Telegram Airdrop Bot.
  2. Submit your email and verify.
  3. Join them on Telegram (+3 TNC)
  4. Like their Facebook page (+4 TNC)
  5. Follow them on Instagram (+4 TNC)
  6. Follow them on Twitter (+4 TNC)
  7. You will receive up to 15 TNC ($9) tokens.
  8. Request a personal referral link and get 2 TNC for each referral.
  9. Click "New Tasks" and earn more tokens by completing different social tasks.


Don't forget to add your ERC20 wallet.


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