Symbol : FLETA

Value : 80

Start : 28th Jan 2019 - End : 26th Feb 2019

FLETA has resolved the GAS issue of Ethereum, the Staking of EOS, and the problem of scalability. An independent multi-chain structure allows for the number of DApps to be increased without leading to network overload and the DApps can operate independently. FLETA also provides a faster transaction processing speed through block redesign, using Level Tree validation instead of Merkle Tree validation, PoF (Proof-of-Formulation) consensus model, and parallel sharding. The PoF consensus model also prevents potential unnecessary fork by reducing the competition about who mines and creates blocks, as well as providing real-time confirmation.


  1. Visit the Bounty Page
  2. Signup and Verify your Email. (Mandatory)
  3. Join Fleta Telegram group and Telegram channel (Mandatory)
  4. Subscribe to their Medium (Optional)
  5. Follow them on Twitter (Optional)
  6. Subscribe their YouTube Channel (Optional)
  7. Similarly, do more optional tasks to earn.
  8. Submit your details into the Bounty page


There is a $300,000 pool so we recommend everyone to not miss this opportunity. This is for a limited time only. Earn minimum $10 - $50 in referrals by inviting your friends. The value can also vary as overtime more tasks will be added. This can range from $80 - $100.

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