Symbol : LOBS

Value : 2

Start : 30th Apr 2019 - End : 30th May 2019

Lobstex is already listed on CoinmarketCap. Lobstex is anonymous cryptocurrency using SwiftX instant transactions. It is widely distributed among all the base currency peers, ensuring that the system can remain available even when many nodes are compromised and a parallel between anonymous transaction to transparent consensus.

With  Lobstex Zerocoin technology users can 'mint' traceable LOBS into a private coin (untraceable LOBS) and then send or recive private transactions with the Zerocoin Protocol. The process of spending and miting new coins can be done for infinite numbers of times ensuring full anonymity.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the XLobs Registration page.
  2. Register with your details and verify your email.
  3. Login and Complete your KYC details.
  4. Join LOBSTEX Telegram Group.
  5. Join LOBSTEX Discord Channel.
  6. You will get 100 LOBS tokens in your account, when your KYC is fully approved.

Note: Airdrop is limited to only 160 participants, who are registered with fullyapproved KYC.

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