Symbol : SEA

Value : 5 + ref

Start : 18th Apr 2019 - End : 15th May 2019

GALLEON QUEST enables external investors to purchase a part of its historic shipwreck backed projects by bringing the opportunity to market by means of a very unique ICO, in order to create an opportunity to gain value in the ICO through the gold, silver, gems and other treasure recovered by GQ for the coin holder. To that end, they plan that initially, 20% of the recovery will go to buying back some coins from the coin holders and discontinuing use of the bought back coins to potentially lift the value of each SEA Coin.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Start chat with SEAcoin Telegram bot.
  2. Join SEAcoin Telegram group.
  3. Follow SEAcoin on Twitter and retweet their sale announcement tweet.
  4. Submit your e-mail to the Telegram bot.
  5. Create an account/register at LATOKEN with Tier 2 verification.
  6. You will get 50 SEA ($5) tokens for completing tasks.
  7. Share your referral link and earn 5 SEA ($0.5) tokens for per referral (Max. 20).


The tokens will be distributed on June, 18th 2019.


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