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Investment decisions are never easy, especially if you don’t have an efficient advisor. The same is the case with blockchain and crypto projects. While cryptocurrencies promise lucrative returns, bad investment decisions can take a big toll on our finances. And hey, at times we all need a little help and advice from people we can trust. But you don’t need to worry. Cryptoknowmics hosts many top cryptocurrency advisors and popular crypto influencers on its platform. These top blockchain advisors and popular crypto persons can provide you with the best suggestions and counsel on cryptocurrencies that can help you make the most out of your crypto investments. Our advisors are some of the most prominent voices and top crypto influencers in the crypto niche and most of them have been active in the space ever since the launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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Carl Bennetts

Carl is the co-founder of Status, an open source mobile client for Ethereum. The Singapore-based entrepreneur has been developing applications on Ethere

Joseph Young

Joseph is an influential journalist and investor within Asia's crypto landscape. He presently writes on a variety of crypto and blockchain-related topics f

Caitlin Long

Formerly an executive on Wall Street, Caitlin is now a full-time blogger and crypto investor. She also started Symbiont, a smart contracts platform whic

Mai Fujimoto

Mai Fujimoto is a crypto video blogger more commonly known as "Miss Bitcoin" among her follower base, which tracks her closely for the latest crypto new

Tiffany Hayden

Tiffany is a widely-respected expert on Ripple's XRP protocol, and she's also an independent consultant who helps small businesses make sense of blockch

Jameson Lopp

Jameson is currently the CTO of Casa, a distributed key and node startup. He's also the creator of, a website that provides detailed analy

Emin Gun Sirer

A professor at Cornell and blockchain researcher, Emin is a renowned academic within the crypto community. He's also a co-director of IC3, an initiative

Richard Heart

Richard is a cryptocurrency thought leader, entrepreneur, and blockchain investor. In addition to authoring several books on crypto, he's also involved

Amber Baldet

Amber was formerly JP Morgan's head of blockchain initiatives, but this year she set out on her own to launch Clovyr - a startup that's designed to help

Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee is a crypto expert and the co-founder of FundStrat, a market strategy and research firm. He's a noted proponent of cryptocurrency, and speaks