Quant technologies help organisations safely and seamlessly take full advantage of distributed ledger technology.



We reduce the complexity for organisations to take advantage of distributed ledger technology with existing technical resources. We simplify adoption and dramatically reduce the effort and infrastructure needed to start using distributed ledger technology in your enterprise.


Flexibility & Choice

No matter where you are in your project lifecycle, Overledger provides you the opportunity to safely use any distributed ledger technology with the added benefits of flexibility and choice to change your technology stack or migrate to another technology whenever needed.
Find out about the benefits of a multi-chain strategy and how Overledger addresses the issues of scalability, resilience and proprietary lock-in.


Future Proof

Identify new business models and revenue streams. We give organisations the agility and ability to shift direction and move rapidly to take advantage of new opportunities and innovations.
We handle the complexity of using distributed ledgers by providing an enterprise abstraction layer to customers. Overledger reduces the risk of the rapid pace of change so you don't have to change your entire codebase just to stay up-to-date as technology evolves.


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