Location : Armani Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Start :17th Mar 2020 - End :17th Mar 2020

The exponential possibilities of IoT is widening the opportunities, boosting the value chain and creating totally new eco-systems. Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized. During this crucial period competitive advantages are born, rewritten and created.

As the borders between industries are fading, this is the time for all companies to accelerate growth by seizing new digital opportunities and creating significant competitive advantages.

A transformative cycle will hit industry after industry and change the fundaments on how to operate a profitable business. Because of IoT, AI, emerging technologies, advanced analytics and widespread connectivity the trend is only going to grow.

This C-level event focuses purely on the business aspects of the Internet of Things to demonstrate the limitless opportunities ahead. The agenda covers the business models IoT can generate, the structures that should be in place and what impact new market segments will have on your bottom-line.

If you want to create sustained performance advantage and transform your business, this is your conference. The DNA of an organization in the digital age needs an organizational transformation as much as a technology shift. Gain insights and in-depth advice on how to deploy wide scale IoT and how to move forward into the next phase of your IoT strategy.

IoT is forecasted a 11 trillion annual global opportunity and a multi-billion dollar market in the Middle East alone. 2/3 of companies report a 5% increase in revenue and ½ report a min 5% cost saving.

Join the largest gathering of decision makers in the field of IoT, AT, data analytics and digitalization in the GCC for a full day of relevance, game changing strategies and inspiration.


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