Adrenaline AI IEO on ZBG Launchpad

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In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008-09, Adrenaline AI???s founder Nicholas Thomas understood that traders can make money in any market as long as they are armed with the correct information and tools necessary to make an educated series of trades. He worked tirelessly as a forex trader and joined several online signal platforms to gain a psychological edge and beat the markets of the time to grow a portfolio from a meager balance of $4200 into over $250,000 worth by years end. 

By 2015, it was understood the insurmountable levels of money to be gained in trading cryptocurrencies . Having realized so, Nicholas has met Marshall Long, one of the world???s first Bitcoin miners, to seek out advice on blockchain solutions. Simply by following principled trading techniques, subscribing to reputable forex signal services and paying attention to global economic news and events, Nicholas was able to gain a superior edge over other traders, until he ran into highly volatile cryptocurrency markets in 2017 . By running into a global problem, he was eager to come up with a global solution. This was the beginning of Adrenaline AI.

Adrenaline AI is an innovative fintech company dedicated to bringing profitable automated crypto trading robots for general public utility. Formed in January 2018, Adrenaline AI has grown into a formidable player in the automated cryptocurrency trading space by incorporating cutting-edge trading tools to initiate buy and sell orders through artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company now boasts a team of over 40 people and growing, dedicated to research and development and building a decentralized platform that will allow the public to participate no matter financial knowledge in crypto trading. 


Token : ARAI
Launch Pad : ZB
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Accepting : ETH

Project Team :

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