Amazonians Green Coin

Sustainable development of traditional local communities, ecotourism, ecoservices and business-related activities have started to attract private contributors and companies who share a will to finance sustainable initiatives.

Sustainable harvesting of timber-free products, land rehabilitation, wildlife reintroduction, reduction of CO2 emissions, research in biodiversity, technological development for individual and corporate social responsibility are the most commonly cited areas covered by these projects.

That being said, the ecoservices market is still far from the reach of sustainability-aware contributors. In the age of decentralization and digitalization, this should no longer be the case and we now face a need for solutions to capture these opportunities and unlock their true value.

While finance is deemed the hot sector of distributed ledger technology, the benefits of this technology may go beyond inclusive finance to reach other types of new and innovative services.

The objective of EBCF (Empresa Brasileira De Conservação De Florestas - Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company) is to introduce cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technologies into this overly regulated and rigid market on a global level.

EBCF sustainable development strategy consists in acquiring native forests that are suffering from the effects of deforestation and transform them into “Conservation Units” to support development of the Reservas Particulares de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel project (Private Reserves of Sustain- able Development) or RPDS.

The lands will be protected ad eaternam, in character of perpetuity. Using blockchain’s core principleswill provide us with fairness, accessibility, transparency, and trust. We will combine these values with the issuance of a payment digital currency while applying them to an already existing, fully operational and licensed alliance of companies acrossseveralsectors delivering a USD Million annual income and substantial annual profits.

Leonardo Barrionuevo
Founder & CEO
Nilton Constantino
CFO Board Member Of Amazon Protection Foundation
Jerome Heelein
Swiss Administrator, Acting CTO
Edmilson Castilla
Economic Projects Management
Robin Raj
Fernando Barrionuevo
Founder And Legal Director
Ricardo Barrionuevo
PR Department
Connie Rocha
Communication Department
Brasilio F. Machado
US Legal Advisor And EBCF AMAZOM PROTECTION Executive Director
Heberton Henrique Dimas
Social/Environment/Climate Projects Manager
Bruno Brazil De Souza
REDD+ Projects Auditor
Francisco Higuchi
REDD+ Projects Advisor And Scientific Department
Vinicius Sguarezi
Communication/Filming Department
Carlinhos Brown
Brand Ambassador
Diego Martins
Communication/Filming Department
Rohan Munasinghe
Scientific Department
Joshua Rice
International Business Development
Alex Cripchuck
International Business Advisor
Goi Mello
International Business Advisor
Wanderson Castilho
Cybersecurity Advisor
Lucas Montanini
IT Advisor
Jonathan Martins
Financial Advisor
Luca Franco
Eco-Resort Advisor
Fabien Gillioz
Swiss Legal Advisor
Olivier Nathan Cohen
Blockchain/KYC/AML Swiss Advisor
Alexandre De Boccard
Swiss Legal Advisor
Josef Strauss
International Business Advisor
Token : AMA
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 AMA = 0.0077 USD
Tokens for sale : 62,480,000,000
Country : Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC : None
Accepting : ETH

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