Empower everyone with easy access to healthcare-related services, improve communications between patients and medical professionals, provide optimized practitioner matching, simplify payments. This way, we’ll contribute to everyone’s good health – all over the world. The ClinicAll IEO which will be live on LAToken until the 31st of July.

For almost a decade, ClinicAll International Corporation has been actively developing software solutions to provide bedside patient services and provide software solutions for hospitals in achieving their goal of digitalization of data and the more efficient delivery of services. ClinicAll software enabled systems have successfully been in operation for years in many countries of the world. As the logical next step, ClinicAll is introducing its Community Healthcare Token (also referred to as the “CHC Token” or the “token”) to the ClinicAll Ecosystem. As part of this initiative, we are introducing the new ClinicAll Mobile App, the Community Website and the online ClinicAll Healthcare Community. Our vision is to expand healthcare-related services and products beyond hospital settings and facilitate the availability of goods and services from not only ClinicAll, but other third-party providers. The ClinicAll Healthcare Community and CHC Token are intended to permit us to expand our global outreach. This offering of CHC Tokens is being made by ClinicAll (Gibraltar) Limited (“ClinicAll (Gibraltar)”), the financial subsidiary of ClinicAll International Corporation.

Jeffrey A. Schwab
General Counsel
Keith Chichon
Director ClinicAll (Gibraltar) MLRO
Patrick Maassen
Vice President Technical Operations
Massimo Dongilli
Vice President Software Development
Diego Albini
Senior Developer
Token : CHC
Launch Pad : LATOKEN
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 CHT = 1 USD
Tokens for sale : 100,000,000
Country : Gibraltar
Whitelist/KYC : KYC
Accepting : ETH
Soft Cap : 10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap : 100,000,000 USD

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