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Coin Island is a Blockchain-based global cryptocurrency payment platform that connects consumers and stores around the world. Consumers and shops around the world can make safe and fast payments using cryptocurrency within the multi-lingual Coin Island platform. Consumers can use Coin People to check and pay the information such as location, menu, etc. of a store where cryptocurrency payment is possible. Stores can use the Coin Store to provide services such as promotion, settlement, and sales management of stores.

Coin Island Air (CIA), issued by Coin Island Co., Ltd. is a Mining token in which provide reward to consumers when consumers make payments with BTC, ETH, XRP and CIT in stores through a Coin Island. The CIA provided as Reward is cryptocurrency that can be purchased or sold through a cryptographic exchange as well as paying for goods and services on the Coin Island platform.



Q1 2019

CIA IEO. Contract with Domestic LMA [Local Marketing Agency]. World of Professionals Organization
Thailand' MOU [Coin Island Payment Service].

Q2 2019

Issuing CIT.
Coin Island Mobile App Ver 1.0.
[Android & ISO] Launch.
- Step I : Open betalLandmark stores operation]
- Step 2 : Official open
Coin Island Online Payment Service Launch.
Contract with IMA
[International Marketing Agency]

Q3 2019

CIA Oversea Sales. Coin Island Mobile App Ver 2.0
[Android & IOS] Launch.

Q4 2019

Multi»Language Service. [Europe Targeting].


Token : CIA
Launch Pad : LATOKEN
Type : Utility
Bonus : Available
Tokens for sale : 1,260,000,000
Country : South Korea
Accepting : BTC, ETH, XRP
Hard Cap : 7,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO : 30%

Project Team :

Yongwon Hwang
Yongwon Hwang


Jungwan Choi
Jungwan Choi


Joonseoung Rhee
Joonseoung Rhee


May Cho
May Cho


Jaehyun Lee
Jaehyun Lee


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