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We all agree that the STO is the next blockchain revolution, and that it will open a global market worth trillion. But today, the Security Token Ecosystem needs more services aggregation, processes standardization and procedures digitization in order to achieve a global adoption. At Eqwity we are building the easiest way to enter the STO market, thanks to a decentralized one-stop shop using Data Intelligence and A.I. for aggregating, standardizing and digitizing all necessary services for setting-up a Security Token Offering from A to Z. The Eqwity Ecosystem includes four main platforms: - STO+ Platform: The first STO Platform onboarding in one place all necessary services to easily issue your security token, validate your regulatory compliance and promote your offering. - Community Voice: The simplest way to decentralize your investor relations and company governance (voting, opinion sharing, online general assembly). - Blockchain Stock Exchange: The first Digital Asset Exchange dedicated to most capitalized blockchain companies and startups (Indexes: BSE30 - BSE500). - The Block Accelerator: First Incubator fully integrated in a global ecosystem (Incubation, Issuance/Compliance, Fundraising, Trading) aiming to propel STO/STO+ Projects. Finally, our STO is fully regulated and dedicated to Accredited Investors. We are compliant in US through Reg. D ( and as well compliant through exemptions with FINMA (Switzerland), CSA (Canada), ESMA (E.U.), FCA (UK), MAS (Singapore) and CBR (Russia).

  1. Milestones

Q3 2019

STO Plus Platform - Beta Release
Community Voice - UX/UI

Q4 2019

Community Voice - Beta Release
STO Plus Platform - V1.0 Release

Q1 2020

Community Voice - V1.0 Release
Blockchain Stock Exchange - UX/UI


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