Our platform relies on sustianable growth priciples to effect public benefit impact globally through creating economic backing to cryptomarket investments from one side and prviding streamlined funding for reliable government public benefit projects from another side. This target is accomoplished through creating GOVEARN to act as collaboratiomn platform for governments and investors through crowdfunding for economically and asset backed projects, hence ensuring preservation of capital to the maximum extent possible.  GOVEARN certificate of incorporation indicates that the platform is establishing a fintech blockchain network relying on blockchain developed software to assist collaboration of individuals and corporate partners to participate in sustainable economic activities and community development through establishing, facilitating, and performing public-private partnership development projects with participating governments and international development organizations.

Our core mandate is the promotion of economic and social sustainable development through promoting mobilizing funds for public projects implementation. By doing so, the platform could provide the global society with additional resources to effect public policy development projects that may lack financial, expertise, or organizational resources to be implemented. In addition, by assisting communities through public private partnership, the platform activities would eventually lead to job creation and higher living standards for the society. We designed our working business model around sustainability principles to guarantee the balanced development of people, place, and profit. The three pillars of sustainability gain equal support from our backing organizations. Contributors and partners collaborating on the platform would benefit from its operations through stabilized profitability and larger socioeconomic development impact. GOVEARN takes no role in selecting, manageing, funding, or operating the collaboration between partners participating on the platform, instead, we onlky provide the marketpklace techological solutions represented by building and maintaing the platform and any finacial transaction taking place on the platform is the sole decision of platform uses.

Richard Berkshire
Founder, CEO
Maryam Davis
Managing Director
Shady Boktor
Chief Technology Advisor
Wael Mahrous
Global Investment Advisor
Alex Mazalatis
Markets Outreach Advisor
Charles Mazalatis
Projects Development Advisor
Nady Shair
Public Projects Advisor
William Moravits
Policy/Legislation Advisor
Token : BDLR
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 bDLR = 0.000777 ETH
Tokens for sale : 2,700,000,000
MVP/Prototype : Available
Minimum investment : 7 ETH
Country : Cayman Islands
Whitelist/KYC : KYC
Restricted areas : USA
Accepting : ETH
Distributed in ICO : 90%

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