NiMEDix ecosystem

1. NiMEDix ecosystem is a startup, founded by Doctors, to meet the specific needs of a target population (Africa) in real time via Telemedcine and hospital development projects. Centralized systems is submerged in Fraud, underfunding,brain drain, financial misappropriation, unavailability of medical equipments etc, NiMEDix ecosystem creates a platform of trust through the blockchain and AI driven applications to improve health care and tackles the mainstay challenge of fraud in Africa. We believe a true disruption is necessary to meet the needs of a huge population. With a clear perspective there's a ready market in Nigeria and it's environs for world class health care 2. NiMEDix ecosystem plan to establish a hospital facility, laboratory services and pharmacy services all transactions and payments will be on the blockchain powered by the NiMEDix token 3. It is interesting to know that it will be the first of its kind in Africa, bringing crypto currency to every day use 4. NiMEDix ecosystem will give out 20% to private sale investors, 10% in pre-sale, with a possibility of being in the governing body of the ecosystem 5. NiMEDix ecosystem is building a real business in the healthcare sector of Africa, with a the zeal and enthusiasm of vibrant young Doctors.

Ochoche .D. Ubenyi
Founder /CEO NiMEDix ecosystem
Yanum .T. Emmanuel
Co-Founder/Lead Developer
Gift Akipu Adekwu
Co-Founder NiMEDix Ecosystem
Armstrong Adeka
Co-Founder/Brand Designer
Rodney Idu Adeka
Victor Joseph
Matthew A. Adeyeye
Crypto consultant
Simeon Ogo
Pranav Arya
Marketing Strategist
Dr. Ajoko Jeffery
Token : NiMEDix
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
PreICO price : 1 NiMEDix = 0.1 USD
Price in ICO : 1 NiMEDix = 0.1 USD
Bonus : 20% - private sales , 10% - presale
Tokens for sale : 100,000,000
Minimum investment : 10 USD
Country : Nigeria
Whitelist/KYC : KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas : USA
Accepting : ETH, BTC
Soft Cap : 1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap : 10,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO : 50%

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