• Start: 15th Jan 2021
  • End: 01st Jul 2021
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SilkRoadCoin (SRC) is a cryptocurrency backed for future cross border money movement and crypto banking platform between Silk Road countries, members of more than sixty-five countries, and between companies, institutions, banks, and individuals. SRC tokens are created on the Waves Blockchain platform. Funds collected from the token distribution will be as liquidity of the SRC Banking Platform and managed by a team—experienced bankers, cryptocurrency professionals, and Credit and Trade finance specialists—with proven track records in top profitable banking projects in Silk Road Countries . A project-team head and founder, the LGR Company, manages the operations with regard to the distribution of SilkRoadCoin tokens and the management of the SilkRoadCoin Banking Platform. This cryptocurrency will be backed of the Banking Platform which will be used as : B2B and B2C Cross Border Payment between Silk Road countries Clearance and Settlement Vehicle between Banks and financial institutions across Silk Road countries Crypto Banking Services (Credit and Loans services, Trade Finance services, Exchange facility. Credit Card issuance) The LGR is a member of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce that is adviser of the SilkRoadCoin project for promotion and expansion among all members. LGR is in the final stages of negotiation with the China Council for promotion of International Trade to support SilkRoadCoin and its Banking Platform officially—to be accepted as Cross Border Payment and Clearance and Settlement vehicle between Silk Road countries that are involve on belt and road initiative projects. SilkRoadCoin Banking Platform will be pegged to the Euro as SRC Stable Coin (SRCS) which is each coin is peg to 1 Euro as asset back cryptocurrency. The supply of SRC is to be initiated at 1 billion tokens due to the numbers of countries involved 65 Countries, who accommodate c60% of the Worlds Population. The mass adoption of SilkRoadCoin in the largest world community, the outstanding performance of the SRC investment-fund as liquidity of its unique Banking Platform and the growing demand and limited supply of SRC compared to the large population of the community and (65 Countries who contribute more than 1/3 to Global GDP) are key factors that will lead to the continuous appreciation of the market value of SRC. Public distribution of SilkRoadCoin will be split into various phases.

Ali Amirliravi
CEO and Founder at SilkRoadCoin
Serhii Salduhin
Software solutions for Automotive| Healthcare| Fintech|
Alexander Sharko
CEO at Bicovery
Dr. Mir Damoon Mir
Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Event management at zigma8 agency based in Tehran-IRAN
Aimal Abbas
Marketer & Strategy Officer at Aecros
Fang Hao
Member Of The Board Of Advisors at SilkRoadCoin
Token : SRC
Platform : Waves
Type : Utility
PreICO price : 1 SilkRoadCoin / SRC = 0.8 EUR
Price in ICO : $1.00
Tokens for sale : 25.00M
Country : Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC : KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas : no
Accepting : USDT, ETH, BTC
Soft Cap : $10.00M
Hard Cap : $25.00M

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