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TRADE - The Tomorrow of Crypto Trading

TRADE (SMART TRADE COIN) - The Crypto Currency, that everybody needs to have in the SMART TRADE Ecosystem.

This ERC20 Utility Token is connected with SMART TRADE SOLUTION SOFTWARE, which provides a fully working Trading Software, that everybody wants to have in the Crypto Market. And the most fantastic thing: We can even integrate our sophisticated software into any Exchange platform.

And much better: Thanks to Arbitrage Trading you can change currencies between the different platforms - even automatically for ever!

No loose of time and money anymore!

Using this software allows you to connect it easily with different exchanges using your API key???s and to show you all your assets at one site. So you can watch at ONE direct ALL-IN-ONE overview, what is going on with them. The software helps you to keep the overview at the different exchanges. No more stress of getting connected to all your exchanges separately.

And many other options as: Balancer, liquidity checker, order-books from all your exchanges in milliseconds! Following the best traders around, FIAT-Gateway and much more Trading options.


The price per Token is 0.225 US Dollar for the WHOLE ICO period.


Token : TRADE
Launch Pad : LATOKEN
Price in ICO : 0.225 US
Accepting : ETH

Project Team :

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