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Ube Ltd is a Gibraltar registered technology company which has developed and generated a hybrid cryptographic digital coin (???Ubecoin???) to be used as a medium of exchange between merchants and consumers.

A Barter E-Commerce And Entertainment Platform

Advances in the blockchain technology have given rise to numerous decentralized, distributed systems. In the race to unveil the manifold benefits of the technology, a significant contribution has been discovered, to eliminate mediators in systems whose functioning is based on trust.

However, considering the recurring global economic crisis and the growing need for decentralized systems, it has become essential to look out for alternatives for the economic system to survive without mediators.

Ube Ltd. is addressing these problems, by offering a blockchain solution to bring about a complete disruption in the traditional barter market.

It has built a platform for e-commerce and entertainment sectors to function without the involvement of third parties. Thereby, giving power back to businesses and consumers to transact in a secure and transparent environment.

Ubecoin, the native token of the platform, is based on Ethereum technology and utilized for transactions between businesses, consumers and speculators. To enable ease of access to its users, Ubecoin can be used with various third-party mobile wallets that are available on Google play store and IOS app store. The coin can be used within the ecosystem through the Free Trade Barter (FTB) platform and Online Entertainment.


Token : Ubecoin
Launch Pad : LATOKEN
Accepting : ETH

Project Team :

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