The weeNexx AG is part of the weeGroup, an operative group of twelve companies under the ownership of the Swiss Fintec Invest AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, and is the company which is responsible for conducting the wee Initial Token Offering (ITO) and issuing the weeMarketplaceAccessToken (WMA). The weeGroup has developed a well-known global shopping community under the brand name wee; this weeCommunity combines renowned brands and local retailers on its online platform. Wee offers an innovative alternative to conventional loyalty programmes that motivate customers to collect supposedly valuable loyalty points when making purchases. Instead of providing points which can only be used in shops or for the services of one single company, wee users receive cashback which can be applied to an open system with hundreds and thousands of connected partners and even withdrawn in the form of real cash. The weeGroup has already successfully established its innovative cashback system and currently generates revenues, making it a fully operational business . It has recognised that the success and functionalities of blockchain technology offer immense possibilities for the further development of its operational cashback system .

Dr. Leo Thomas Schrutt
Chairman of the Board
Tobias Engelsberger
Chief Technical Officer
Dr. Judith Behr
Chief Operating Officer
Rolf Gehriger
Legal Adviser / Representative of Small Shareholders
Token : WMA
Platform : Ethereum
PreICO price : € 0.01 = 1 WMA
Price in ICO : € 0.01 = 1 WMA
Bounty : 500000000 WMA
Tokens for sale : 10,000,000,000 WMA
Minimum investment : 50%
Country : BTC, ETH, EUR
Whitelist/KYC : Yes
Soft Cap : 10000000 EUR(11112650 USD)
Hard Cap : 10000000 EUR(11112650 USD)

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