CKM Staking

Convergence ICO

Start : Mar 25, 2021End : Apr 25, 2021


Tokenization is the process of representing real world assets with security tokens. Leveraging blockchain technology, we believe this will usher a new age of capital market innovation.Democratising Investment to Illiquid Asset ClassesAssets can be fractionalized, lowering minimum ticket size and the barriers of entry to investment. Investors access to investment opportunities previously not available, while asset owners can secure funding from a wider investor base.Capturing Convenience with Digitized OwnershipDigital ownership offers a seamless experience for asset owners and investors - with digital records updates can be updated near instantly.Maximising Operational EfficienciesDigitalization and smart contracts unlock operational efficiencies such as zero settlement time and automated issuance, post issuance and management actions.Role of Token: UTILITY


Token CONV
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1 CONV = 0.005 USD
tokens for sale 1500000000

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