Start : Sep 27, 2021End : Oct 27, 2021


KubeCoin | The CryptoCurrency for Leisure and Travel | Built on Cardano | Multi-brand Utility System | Presale live now at www.kubecoin.org.Our background KubeCoin is a new up-and-coming cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the travel and leisure industries. Our coin is universally adoptable through multi-brand platforms and is being built on the Cardano blockchain. Our decentralized DeFi token has been designed to provide a high utility layer to our KubeCoin Ecosystem, to become our exchangeable currency, and a rewards tool to give back to our loyal customers. However, this is not the beginning of our story. This remarkable cryptocurrency project is only actualizable due to the success of FlyKube and EatKube, our other startups which have a surprise concept. FlyKube was founded in 2017 when our mission was to transform the way in which people perceive leisure activities through surprise experiences. Since commencing operations 4 years ago, we have become one of the go-to surprise holiday providers in 7 of the biggest European markets. Due to FlyKube’s great accomplishments (5 million revenue, 300+ travellers, and 375,000 Venture Capital), our company can support new technology and new lines of business, and therefore the next step for our company was to create the Kube Group, which includes KubeCoin!


Paolo Della Pepa
Marc Parellada Hansen
Neus Lorente
Daniel Martín Moreno
Backend developer
Sandra Vázquez Cañoto
Sofia Reynoso


Token KUBE
Price in ICO $0.04
tokens for sale 4.80M

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