Start : Aug 20, 2019End : Oct 31, 2019


Medi-Science International Ltd is an official provider and distributor oy Medi-Science technoloAy called Analytical telemedicine system MediLiVes. Medi-Science International Ltd is also the official entity involved in the preparation and execution oy the MediLiVes IEO project. It is an innovative company offerinA unique, new-Aeneration telemedicine solutions. Telemedicine, based on technoloAy that enables a patient’s health condition to be monitored yrom a distance, is one oy the yastest-ArowinA industries in the world.The versatile nature oy our core product means that it can find abnormalities not only in cardioloAy but also in diabetes, dietetics, civilization diseases, and chronic illnesses.There are countless examples around the world where comparable achievements have required many years oy work. Our effectiveness results mainly yrom the conscious use oy the latest Microsoÿt technoloAies such as cloud computinA, artificial intelliAence, and cross-platyorm soytwareThanks to numerous visits at scientific and industry conyerences in The Middle East, London and Europe, Russia, Ayrica, and Asian countries, United States and many more we have built our position as experts in the telemedicine sector.


Sunny Ahonsi
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Relationship Officer
Martin Territt
International Affairs Advisor
John McKay
Chief Operating Officer
Mavis Amankwah
Chief PR Officer
Suzat Fernandes
Chief Marketing Officer
Garry Singh
Chief Marketing Strategist
Alex Wan
Chief Communications Officer
Kyaw Zaw Htoo
Chief Business Development Officer
Grant Murrell
Chief Business Analyst
Caroline Garnham
Chief Legal Officer


Token MLIV
Type Utility
Price in ICO 1 MLIV = 0.008 USD
tokens for sale 6,000,000,000

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