TimeCoinProtocol is decentralized sharing economy protocol using the Ethereum blockchain. Individual or Corporation can build and operate their own sharing economy application, dApp running on TimeCoinProtcol. dApp users can securely share their own data across the platform to get better services from dApp providers. TimeCoinProtocol plans to release the two dApps, “eSportStars” and “TimeTicket”. eSportStars is for everyone including professional esports players, fans and players aiming to become professionals around the world. It’s an unprecedented service that offers all players the opportunity to find suitable opponents to play against as well as hosting tournaments and competing in popular esports games beyond geographical boundaries. TimeTicket is a popular application that connects people who wish to buy and sell skills and exchange knowledge. The existing TimeTicket, premier sharing economy service in Japan has more than 300,000 users and the sales has grown 30 times over 3 years. The dApp version of TimeTicket will be released targeting Chinese, India, and other regions. The dApp users will be rewarded with TimeCoin(TMCN) by playing esports games on eSportStars called “esports Mining” and purchasing services on TimeTicket called “Time Mining”. TimeCoin will be used as the payment token for dApps.


1. The minimum order amount for a single account is 50 USDT
2. The maximum order amount for a single account is 100 USDT
3. There is no handling fee for the transaction
4. KYC is NOT required for the TMCN subscription.
5. There are many participating users. It is recommended to log in before 7:00 (GMT+8) and prepare in advance.

Masahiiko Akahor
Director, Globalway, Inc.
Takuto Kondo
CTO, TimeTicket Inc.
Yukihide Yana
Director, Globalway, Inc.
Ayako Moritomo
CDO, TimeTicket Inc.
Shinichiro Takata
Engineering Manager, TimeTicket Inc.
Tomohiro Arai
Engineering Manager, TimeTicket Inc.
Kaori Nakayama
Manager of the Customer Success Department,. TimeTicket Inc
Ikumi Chiba
TimeTicket Life, TimeTicket Inc.
Kenta Yamazaki
Manager of the Sales Department, TimeTicket Inc.
Yoshihiko Inoue
Sales Department, TimeTicket Inc.
Keisuke Ito
Sales Department, TimeTicket Inc.
Shota Nishijima
Inside Sales Manager, TimeTicket Inc.
Yuya Nemoto
Director, Globalway, Inc.
Yumiko Ibe
Service Planning Manager, CEO room, Globalway, Inc.
Kazuki Sakurai
Editor-in-chief of Career Connection News, Social Web Media Department, Globalway, Inc
Hiroshi Sato
Senior Web Designer, Social Web Media Department, Globalway, Inc.
Token : TMCN
Platform : Waves
Type : ERC-20
Price in ICO : 0.7 USDT
Bonus : NONE
Tokens for sale : 160000 TMCN
Country : Switzerland
Soft Cap : 50 USDT
Hard Cap : 100 USDT
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Blockchain Expo Europe 2020
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