Start : Aug 15, 2019End : Sep 30, 2019

The last five years of the digital age has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of blockchain technologies and millions of investors seem to want a big slice of the pie. Most entrepreneurs resorted to mining bitcoins but as of today the mining market is monopolized by big companies with the resources to achieve coins in a very short period of time. The forking of bitcoin into bitcoin cash shed light on areas in the cryptoworld that still need work. The main problem and concern being security and transaction speed. In recent years bitcoin exchanges took a beating from hackers, who compromised millions of bitcoin accounts. Not to mention the forking of bitcoin due to too many transactions taking place for one system to handle. Belifex blockchain is a blockchain database that supports community building and social interactions while using the BEFX blockchain to handle rewards. Belifex blockchain will use the contributions it receives to grow its base and reach a wider community. BEFX tokens will use blockchain technology from Ethereum ERC20. The blockchain technology adopted will be used for transactions, audits, accounting, database, GAS and communications.

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While ICOs have lost much of their appeal in recent years, IEOs have become a preferred way for raising funds. The greater degree of due diligence that’s carried out in IEOs makes them a clear favorite for investors. So, if you are amongst those who like to keep an eye out on potential IEO blockchain projects, Cryptoknopwmics can help you with that. Just stay tuned to our platform, and you will get a list of all upcoming and ongoing IEO projects.


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