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Technology has been transforming the world for some time, in a world abound with information and communication, and in which the process of digitization - here understood as the phenomenon that transforms atoms into bits - accelerates. Technology is leading us to a time when the very physical existence - or materiality - of money will cease to exist.It was in 2008 that decades of research into cryptography and distributed networks resulted in the publication of the document Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, by an unknown author under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The first Bitcoin transaction took place on January 12, 2009. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies were born.

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While ICOs have lost much of their appeal in recent years, IEOs have become a preferred way for raising funds. The greater degree of due diligence that’s carried out in IEOs makes them a clear favorite for investors. So, if you are amongst those who like to keep an eye out on potential IEO blockchain projects, Cryptoknopwmics can help you with that. Just stay tuned to our platform, and you will get a list of all upcoming and ongoing IEO projects.


MONO Cryptocurrency is a BEP-20 Token developed by professional teams at MonoMoney Ltd Pty based in Australia. It can ...

Sep 23, 2021
Oct 3, 2021

Brickken is creating a dApp that provides the tools needed for individuals and businesses to issue their own Security ...

Sep 1, 2021
Feb 28, 2022
Revest Finance

Revest is the first platform to offer instant liquidity for locked, vesting, and staked assets through its revolution ...

Sep 21, 2021
Sep 24, 2021

The first utility token for physical NFT redemption via Monaco Market.

Sep 20, 2021
Oct 17, 2021

BECOIN is designed to benefit all holders and has a second stage surprise that will blow your brains out.

Sep 9, 2021
Oct 30, 2021

SoccerHub is the very first play-to-earn multi-player soccer manager game.

Sep 29, 2021
Sep 29, 2021

THE BATTLE HAS NO WAY OUT Collect NFTs, battle epic monsters, and explore infinite immersive environments in this blo ...

Aug 20, 2021
Sep 24, 2021

SoldiersLand is the first real-utility NFT game. In this game, you can build your desired soldier, equip it with your ...

Sep 5, 2021
Dec 24, 2021

“Crypto Emergency” is aimed at a building up of an international crypto community where crypto enthusiasts  can ...

Sep 30, 2021
Feb 1, 2022
Tooth Fairy Token

Tooth Fairy Token (TOOTH) a Hyper-Deflationary Token that rewards investors for holding tokens while also implementin ...

Sep 30, 2021
Dec 31, 2021