5 Crypto Trading Common Mistakes

Sandeep  |  Apr 28, 2020

As crypto trading continues to attract more users, the rise of casual traders has made it a hot topic. Lots of beginners dive in the market with little to no information, and before they realize it, lose their hard-earned cash. Crypto trading is a complex but profitable venture if you employ due diligence in your activities. If you are considering it, or want to enhance your success rate, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid.

Diving headfirst

With the readily available information online and irresistible ads aimed at tipping you in favour of some cryptocurrency brokers, it is a common mistake for beginners to dive in headfirst. Before you invest your money in any project, it's always advisable to study the situation and get at least an idea of what you are getting into. Starting with real money is quite common, a mistake that could cost you and force you out of the lucrative opportunity. Start your journey with paper trading, and gather as much information as you need to help you navigate the choppy waters.

Going with the horde

Why are you joining the trade? Is it due to FOMO (fear of missing out)? New traders make a habit of following the herd, a common mistake that could see you paying too much without realizing desirable returns. Don't follow the crowd; instead, study the trade and see if it is too crowded as that could mean lower returns.

Lack of a trading strategy

Do you have a stop-loss, or are you chasing losses? Are you being over-confident? Having a strategy helps to keep your activities in check. For instance, if you have a stop loss, you are less likely to suffer significant losses that could your finances. With a well-thought strategy, moreover, you can avoid investing too much when you hit a succession of winning trades, especially noting that you could hit a snag and lose it all.

Blindly following influencers

You probably follow influencers on social media, and with their insights, score good wins. While this is a common approach, and a promising lead that could improve your success rate, don't make the mistake of doing it blindly. You can't tell when you could run into a paid swill, costing you significant losses. Check the recommendations, and dig a little deeper to see if they could genuinely score you a profit.

Risking what you can't afford

If you lost your investment, would you be able to bounce without incurring much friction? If you see crypto trading as a get rich quick scheme, then you are doomed to fail. Don't inject what you can't afford to lose, and keep in mind that patience counts as you dive in the trade.

While in the recent past, Bitcoin was the only crypto available, there are thousands in today's market. Some are quite promising, and investing your capital in them could help you to enjoy the financial success you desire. However, some are not worth your time or money, and if you aren't careful, you could be a victim of such pump-and-dump altcoins.


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