5 Online Casino Games You Can Use Bitcoin In
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5 Online Casino Games You Can Use Bitcoin In

June 17, 2021      Cryptoknowmics

If you have been accumulating bitcoin then you may be wondering whether you can use them in an online casino rather than using a traditional currency.

You’ll already know that bitcoin offers low transaction costs and affords the user anonymity so makes the ideal currency for use in online casinos.

Well the good news is that many casinos are now taking cryptocurrency so with that in mind we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the exciting games you can play using bitcoin.


One of the great things about online casinos is that you can find pretty much any style of poker you may want.

Whether you love a game of turbo Texas hold’em or you prefer a more sedate closed VIP room then there’s something for you.

As well as many different types of poker there are also a wide variety of different rooms and playing methods.

You can go for the party atmosphere in an open public room or choose to go with a closed VIP room with specially invited guests.

You may choose to play on your PC, tablet or phone or even visit a Virtual Reality casino for a truly immersive experience.



No self-respecting Bitcoin casino would be complete without roulette but if you have never visited an online casino before then you may be surprised by the variety of games available.

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Naturally, you can expect to see European roulette wheels with a single zero and American wheels with double zero slots.

But you will also find classic French roulette wheels with their single zero position and La Partage and En prison rules in many cases.

It’s also possible to find triple zero wheels although this is admittedly an unusual option.

As with poker, it is possible to play single-handed or to enter public rooms and play with live players.

Live croupier roulette wheels are also available which all adds to the experience of playing online.



Another of the staples of the physical casino, blackjack is one of the most common online games too.

The classic game of ‘21’ has spawned a myriad of different versions over the years but in general, you’ll probably find at the very least the five most common types in any online casino.

Standard or ‘American’ blackjack is probably the one that most people have seen on TV and in the movies. A very simple game that requires players to get as close to 21 as possible without going over it forms the basis of all other types.

European blackjack features a deck of only two packs of cards and a dealer standing on a soft 17. Typically the house edge is somewhat lower than standard blackjack so offers a better bet for players.

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Face up blackjack is also available and this is where the dealer’s two cards are dealt face up, meaning that the players have a much better chance of beating the odds.

The final types of blackjack you may see in your online casino are Perfect pairs and Spanish 21. In the former, the player is able to make a side bet on whether they will be dealt a pair with a payout that could reach 30:1 for the right pair and in Spanish 21 all of the 10 cards in the pack are removed.

Again all of these games are available as a single player, in a group room and with live dealers meaning that you have the choice of playing exactly the way you like.

Mystery and challenge games

Online casinos aren’t confined to simply card and dice games and one of the most popular pastimes for people are mystery and challenge games.

These are games that require players to carry out specific tasks or solve story-based mysteries to unlock different levels and ultimately, prizes.

These can take the form of fantasy type games, games with storylines or detective-style challenges.

What is striking is the amount of creativity that has gone into producing interesting, challenging and entertaining games that all feature the possibility of winning prizes.

In a highly competitive sector, casinos have had to invest heavily in producing interesting and intriguing content that keeps people coming back for more making the online casino visit a much more interesting prospect for the customer.

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Games of skill

One of the latest developments in the world of online gaming are games of skill that are played for money.

In many cases, these will be creatively developed by the casino concerned but increasingly we are seeing favourites old and new appear in a ‘for money’ form.

Imagine being able to play Monopoly for real money or to be able to gamble on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’.

Online casinos are also licencing the formats for many popular game shows so if you have always wanted to play your favourite TV game for money then you could be in luck.

As as well as games of skill you can also expect to see old fairground favourites like coin drops or slots given a new lease of life providing a whole host of new entertainment possibilities.

Online casinos – a great way to spend your bitcoin

Online casinos have developed massively over the last few years and they are now a world away from a traditional brick and mortar establishment.

With such a wide variety of games and more being added all the time, online casinos are developing into an entertainment venue that anyone can enjoy. What better way to spend a little bitcoin than by having a little downtime in your favourite online casino?

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