A Beginner's Guide on How to Become Blockchain Developer after 12th Standard

Jyoti  |  Mar 13, 2020

The decentralized, distributed ledger stores the history of exchanged data securely and uses the p2p network for time stamping. For a very long time, Blockchain Technology is popular among the people around the globe. Earlier, in India, people were not much aware of blockchain but nowadays we can find many people developing their interest in it. Many budding blockchain developers in India want to learn more about Blockchain, as they want to pursue their career in it. However, regardless of their passion, most youngsters are forced to pursue different careers because they don't know how to become blockchain developer after 12th standard. In many countries, the government has opened up educational institutions for the people who want to be a blockchain developer. International Universities has even added up an undergraduate course for it. In India too, we can find some of the institutions or colleges that provide blockchain courses. These courses provide in-depth knowledge of Blockchain, like its origin, its coding and how the developers can re-design it etc and will help you become blockchain developer with a solid foundation.

Blockchain Learning Is Important 

To be a blockchain developer, you should have basic knowledge about the blockchain development tool. You should be familiar with the terms like Blockchain, Decentralized, Consensus Mechanism and Miners. You should also have in-depth information about these terms otherwise you might get confused during the further process of development.

The budding developers, who do not have any real-world experience with cryptocurrency are advised to buy a few crypto tokens, which are available in their country so that they could learn its whole process. 

How to Become Blockchain Developer after 12th Standard


Blockchain Developer

As Blockchain is an open platform, therefore, it is easy for anyone to hack it and then getaway. To make the blockchain more secure the developer needs to change the coding time-to-time so that no one can easily intrude the platform. 

Recently, many institutions across the world are providing an Undergraduate course to the students who want to be a blockchain developer. 

Let’s have a look at some emerging blockchain training institutes in India:

  • Simplilearn: An online institution that provides a short-term course of Blockchain. In this short-term course, the student will get detailed knowledge of Blockchain’s origin, its objective and challenges. The student will learn to develop Blockchain using Mining methodology.

    • Edureka: Another certified online institution helps the student to understand the underlying mechanism of Bitcoin transaction systems. The student would also get to know about the concept of Cryptography and Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Networks, Bitcoin Mining and Security, Multichain, developing smart contract on Ethereum and Hyperledger Platform.

      • Intellipat: It offers definitive training in blockchain programming, bitcoin mining, architecture, applications and many more. 

        • MindMajix: World’s leading certification training provider emphasizes on the key concept of Blockchain and Smart Contract Theory. The course provides technical knowledge about the blockchain.

          • NareshIT: While training the blockchain developers the expert give them real-time scenario so that they could learn more about it.

            • Open Source Technologies: The High-level Knowledgable Industry Experts have designed the whole Blockchain course for the developers.

              Blockchain developers should have adequate knowledge of its tool and coding so that they would be able to make a secure platform for the users. In the present time, the budding developers have many options from where they could get learn more about the blockchain. Hopefully, this blog will have provided you with detailed insights into how to become blockchain developer after 12th standard.


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