All You Need to Know about Crypto Credit Cards 

Ashna  |  Sep 21, 2020

Businesses today have very well adapted and grown to the idea of cryptocurrencies and have realized the benefits that comes with it for both customers and businesses alike. Therefore businesses have become more accustomed to accepting payments in cryptocurrencies and this is where crypto credit cards come in handy. 

Cryptocurrency doesn’t come as easy in exchanging as traditional currency does hence customers and merchants do face some problems in making payments using digital currency and cryptocurrency credit cards seems to be the solution for the problem for both the parties. Especially since the pandemic hit us, digital payments have established itself as the safest option for such a difficult time. 

What are Crypto Credit Cards?

Crypto credit and crypto debit cards essentially serve the same purpose as any regular regular credit or debit cards, except the fact that instead of fiat currency you can use crypto currency to pay for products and services if the vendor is accepting the currency. Additionally it is becoming easier to add funds to your funds. Generally, cryptocurrency owners can simply up their cards by a payment processor or specific wallets can be transferred with funds and can be linked with the crypto debit or credit card of preference. 

Before the existence of crypto cards, cryptocurrency or digital currency owners had to convert their currency to fiat in order to pay for any kind of goods or services through third party platforms. For considering daily transactions, this was becoming inconvenient, so some organizations decided that the best solutions would be to offer cryptocurrency credit/debit cards. Coinbase was actually one of the early ones with their Shift Card. although there was a limit of $1000 maximum for daily spending and $200 for ATM withdrawals, moreover the high rate of transactional fee at the time made the users doubt the reason to use it.

Benefits of Crypto Credit Cards

Crypto credit cards/ crypto debit cards have the capability of solving some problems that generally occur with the use of regular credit/debit cards.

Hassle Free use of Cryptocurrency

With the number of opportunities that come with digital currency, the crypto currency has learned to make money from crypto trading on a daily basis. But the crypto money didn't come as easy to exchange for general goods and service as traditional money and involved high transactional fees. But with cryptocurrency credit cards, the saved currency became easy to spend, eliminating the need to pay for transactional fees in the first place.

Low Annual Fees

In general use of standard credit/debit service, some banks have the policy of charging higher annual fees. That isn't the case with crypto credit cards, where generally the annual fee is waived for the expenditure of a certain amount per year. 

Zero Foreign Exchange (FX) fees

One of the most common problems with many banks is the charge on foreign exchange that at times goes up to 3% of the transaction. In the case of crypto cards, there are no FX fees for the transactions, making it more profitable, but the standard Mastercard and visa fees will still be implied and be payable by the user. 

One card, Different Currencies

Generally Crypto cards facilitate access to both crypto/digital assets and fiat, which basically avoids the hassle of having to switch between cards when making payments.  

Crypto Credit/Debit Cards you can use

These days there are a lot of crypto credit/debit cards services for a customer to choose from considering the growing demand due to increasing activity in the crypto world. Here are some of the most popular crypto cards in use -

  • Nexo
  • TenX
  • CoinZoom
  • Plutus 
  • Monolith
  • Conclusion

    From a top view, crypto cards have definitely a lot to offer and have proved their worth in using, giving compelling opportunities for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, businesses and people who are still under the negative impression of the use of cryptocurrency and still have second thoughts about it.

    One of the starring benefits offered by these cryptocurrency credit and crypto debit cards for general crypto traders as well as investors is finally providing them with an easy way to properly start using their hard earned cryptocurrency in the real world itself instead of being limited to exchange platforms or peer to peer networks.

    Moreover, it's a hard fact that the easy availability of these cards to everyone is playing an extremely crucial role in widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and becoming a sure reality of the future. 

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