Andra Capital and Tezos to Launch Silicon Valley Coin
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Andra Capital and Tezos to Launch Silicon Valley Coin

January 23, 2020      Yvette Mwendwa

San Francisco based venture capital firm, Andra Capital has announced the launch of its own token: Silicon Valley Coin (SVC). The firm plans to issue it through a Security Token Offering in a partnership with both Tezos Foundation and Token Soft.

According to the announcement,  the SVC token will be built on Tezos Blockchain network and it will utilize TokenSoft’s issuance platform.

Andra Capital’s open-ended technology fund allows investors to invest in the fund traditionally with the option to take delivery of a blockchain-based token, Silicon Valley Coin,” 

In addition, the firm’s open-ended technology fund, the “FUND” will allow potential investors to invest traditionally. Additionally, it will allow them the delivery of the Tezos-based Silicon Valley Coin. Andra VC intends to use the SVC as a funding mechanism through the “FUND”, to invest in almost mature private tech start-ups.

Investors Allowed to Use SVC to Invest Within the United States

Moreover, competent investors in the United States can use the SVC token to explore investment opportunities across the globe. Even better, SVC will be made available to all the permitted investors. According to Sam Raman of Andra Capital, the upcoming token will represent the best elements of both Tezos and TokenSoft.

SVC to be an Investment Powerhouse 

Moving forward, TokenSoft ensures qualified investors can securely lap up shares in pre-IPO in for mature start-ups. On the other hand, Tezos provides a good stage that is outstanding in digital securities and transactions; such as the Silicon Valley Coin offerings. This combination will most likely work well for all the potential investors. 

Furthermore,  Tezos president Alison Mangiero stated that the partnership is all about bringing the best to the potential investors. The Silicon Valley Coin; will be a distinctive offering in the investment sphere in terms of outreach and accessibility. 

In conclusion, Tezos Blockchain is a promise of reliability on matters transactions and security in the digital space

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