ANKR Slides to a Late Intraday Low of $0.075 – Technical Analysis
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ANKR Slides to a Late Intraday Low of $0.075 – Technical Analysis

March 24, 2021      Ankita Awasthi

ANKR allows you to easily deploy and manage a node on your favorite blockchain and earn staking rewards, without any technical knowledge required. You can also access on-chain data, cut costs and accelerate your time-to-market with instant Web3 app deployment. By using ANKR, connect to Web3 securely with our enterprise-grade node infrastructure and Blockchain API services for Enterprise staking, dApp development, and data analytics.

ANKR Price Analysis

Past Performance

During the last 24 hours, the price of ANKR has moved up by 36% This is quite an increase at a high of $0.1200, but it is now in a falling zone. Between March 19-22, 2021, the price moved between $0.0841 to $0.743. The last 24 hours can be seen as a surge by whales as an attempt to sell the holdings.

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Days-Ahead and Tomorrow

Currently, ANKR is trading at $0.0975. The price has slightly moved from the opening price of $0.0971. Thus, the market looks flat.

The MACD and signal lines are in the negative territory. Moreover, a bearish crossover by the MACD line over the signal line has occurred. Thus, the overall market momentum is bearish, and we can expect a further price pullback. The trend line has crossed over and fallen below the Signal line, thus giving a bearish thought only.

Currently, the RSI indicator is at 53%. It has moved away from an overbought region in which it was a few hours backcrossing 80. This is showing the strength of price movement has weakened and the signal is towards the lowest price. This is also in line with the underlying price.

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The A/D indicator has been low at 0.42 in line with the lowering of the price band. The price is also moving downwards and the parallel run of the A/D line is showing the downward trend will continue still.

ANKR Price Analysis

Falling short of the 23.6% FIB and the first major resistance level at $0.0921, ANKR slid to a late intraday low of $0.075. The coin will find support at the first major support level at $0.0912. ANKR will move back through to $0.0911 levels before easing back.

As per today’s movement, ANKR was flat trading around $0.094, a movement matched the moving average of 20 days with a price of around $0.0943 and the price is expected to remain within the fighting range of $0.0923 and $0.0991.

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Ankita Awasthi
Ankita Awasthi

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