Apollon Darknet Market Place Found To Be Pulling An Exit Scam

Jyoti  |  Feb 2, 2020

The Apollon Market which was considered as the world’s largest darknet marketplace has been found to be in the midst of an exit scam. Although, the marketplace has allowed its users to order from their platform it has locked the accounts of the vendors, who were offering the service. 

Users Face Problem Since Market’s Establishment

The Apollon Marketplace was established in the year 2018, in the darknet market and offered drugs as well as other illegal services to its users. Since the year the Apollon was established, it has been running successfully but recently, the vendors revealed that the market has locked them out of their own account. The vendors have also stated that after their account was locked, they tried to contact the market’s admins but it did not help them, they were not able to recover the access with mnemonic phrases.

Web Service Goes Offline

Recently, many of the users of the Apollon Market has rated the market on a website named, Dark.Eye. The rating of the market was slightly above one star and while giving warning to others, the users stated that they could not access their own account as the market has locked them.

One of the users on the web service, while blaming the Apollon has stated, “Mods are stealing from vendors and then locking them out of their accounts. claiming you were phished. we only used the vendor URL and used 2FA so how is that possible. We were locked out of our account after calling out the mods... Stay away from this market.”

One of the vendors while talking about scam on the Dark.Eye web service, stated that because of Apollon Market’s exit scam he lost cryptocurrency worth $11,000.

According to reports, if there was a situation where the user had to suffer a loss then they would warn others about it via Dread, a Reddit-style forum. But recently, the users were not able to warn others because for the past few days Dread was offline.

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