ArGo Wants to Change the Web hosting Industry – and Fast

Evan  |  May 7, 2021

ArGo is taking on a very dynamic industry. Technologies in web hosting rarely stay relevant for extended periods, especially in the 21st century, where innovation is fast-paced. Amazon's cloud hosting services influenced a major shift in web hosting in the mid-2000s, and we are likely to see another significant change through ArGo if the platform achieves its set goals.

With the dynamism observed, some changes periodically take place that is either positive or negative. For instance, with Amazon's cloud hosting, users have to update payments periodically to enjoy their services. We are now at a point where the technology we have allows us to change this setup and take it to the next level of web hosting.

What are some of the existing challenges faced by businesses?

As aforementioned, the expensive and frequent Web hosting charges ruin the innovation that serves the entire world population. It makes it harder for businesses to optimize each transaction and pass on the benefits to consumers. Therefore, consumers end up paying more for products and services that could easily cost less by using more optimized technology.

Censorships are another major challenge, especially for business people. The internet has reduced the world to a global village allowing businesses to reach a global audience. With censorship, companies are cut off from new markets or their existing markets, resulting in losses or unnecessary expenses.

For instance, China's ban on Facebook has forced the company to offer its advertising services via third parties, which creates an unnecessary step in conducting transactions. These Chinese companies are also forced to pay more as their money passes through third parties before reaching Facebook.

Server downtime also impacts heavily on the productivity of a company, which translates to decreased revenue. For example, experts estimate that Sony could have lost a total of $250 millionin the wake of a security breach in 2011, which forced them to take their network online for 23 days.

Amazon also experienced an unknown loss following downtime on their servers. The downtime was caused by the massive numbers experienced during 2018's Amazon Prime Day promotion. The servers were unable to handle these numbers making shoppers unable to access the site as they desired.

Downtime may also impact the reputation of a platform, especially when it is frequent.

Such challenges are the drivers of constant innovation in the web hosting industry. Without adapting to the changes, it becomes harder for platforms to survive as new ones quickly replace them.

What does ArGo plan to stay ahead of the curve?

By choosing to base its platform on blockchain technology, ArGo was making its system future-proof. Blockchain allows ArGo to do the following:

  • Change with emerging trends.
  • Create an immutable storage system.
  • Provide a permanent web hosting system.
  • Eliminate unnecessary fees in web hosting.
  • Provide better security for web apps deployed on Arweave through ArGo.  Create a system that is governed by the will of the people.
  • You may read the advantages above and wonder, "What does it mean for me?" or "What does it mean for the industry?" Well, the following illustrations show just how vital ArGo may be for numerous industries if it achieves its set goals.

    1. Hospitals may find ArGo's offer quite compelling. Medical data is crucial to the general operations and treatment of patients, primarily through medical history. It is easy for hospitals to lose data stored in centralized cloud storage solutions in the current setup due to their glaring weaknesses. With ArGo, hospitals are assured of immutable data that will be preserved for as long as nodes are in existence.

    Security of the hospitals' stored data is also assured in this decentralized setup. This can help significantly reduce and potentially eliminate the cases of compromised websites that expose patient data. For instance, in 2019, over 41 million patient recordswere breached as hacking cases in the health sector surged.

    2. Another area ArGo has the potential to impact academia, specifically assisting in research. In this case, data is also the centrepiece. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic could have easily been averted if the data were shared in time by research scientists in China. However, because of censorship, we are now living through a world-altering period.

    As certain discoveries are made through serendipity- such as antibiotics, researchers must have their data stored immutably over a platform with 100% uptime. This allows researchers to retrace their steps, even years later, and find the source of their solutions. The 100% uptime also means that researchers can use the data for the improvement of their respective fields in the future.

    Web researchers can also improve front-end solutions through the collaborations made possible to GitHub and GitLab through ArGo. Research scientists in the web development industry can share and integrate their data to create even better solutions.

    3. E-commerce. One of the challenges highlighted in the first half of this article is Amazon's server downtime.Amazon itself provides a web service, and it was still unable to prevent its downtime.

    Blockchain affords ArGo the unique opportunity of decentralizing data storage amongst numerous devices supporting the platform. This significantly reduces and even eliminates the possibility of server downtime, ensuring 100% uptime. Ecommerce websites are assured of 100% uptime with the blockchain-based platform.

    Thus, through impacting e-commerce, the platform has the potential to positively influence various industries indirectly. Digitalization has caused most businesses to move online right from the hotel industry to the healthcare industry.

    ArGo's applications are not limited to the ones mentioned above, but they are likely to grow as the industry evolves. Immutable front-end deployment could be crucial in the shipping industry, education, pharmaceutical, and many other industries with the right innovation and application.


    Low prices, immutable data, 100% uptime, and permanent web hosting, all done through a one-time payment. The ArGo platform has the potential to lead the web into a new era.

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