Argoland and PlanetWatch to Fight Air Pollution Using Blockchain
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Argoland and PlanetWatch to Fight Air Pollution Using Blockchain

January 24, 2020      Yvette Mwendwa

According to the World Bank, poor air quality is the main environmental cause of diseases and premature deaths. Tracking and monitoring of air quality can bestow scientists and government agencies with the proper information to wage war against air pollution.

However, according to PlanetWatch’s CEO Claudio Parrinello, enough measures are not being taken to collect this very vital information.  That’s where Argoland and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies come in. Argoland is a French startup founded by Claudio Parrinello. The firm is building a blockchain network to monitor air quality.

In addition, the startup is aiming to incentivize regular people to purchase low-cost air quality sensors. The sensors are to be installed outside homes or carried around while travelling to and fro work. Afterwards, the information is uploaded onto a blockchain. According to Parrinello:

“Historically, air pollution is monitored through large, expensive scientific instruments installed in a small number of locations, with data not being published in real-time. The missing link in air quality monitoring is a high-density, low-cost sensor network, delivering real-time data.”

PlanetWatch to Reward Participants

Indeed, PlanetWatch is creating a worldwide grid of air quality sensors. The environmentally conscious individuals should install the gadgets outside their homes or carry them around while moving.  The initiative hopes to approve, filter, and show the data on the web using a real-time mobile application. The approved information will be fed into the Algorand blockchain to develop a fixed air quality repository; which will be made available to all the participants. 

Moreover, PlanetWatch will award environmental conscious individuals who will participate in a data repository with native PLANET tokens.

CERN Supports Cause

In conclusion, PlanetWatch has the backing of the largest physics fundamental laboratory, CERN. The lab will provide all the types of equipment, infrastructure and technical support needed to carry out the initiative. 

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